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Welcome to Nocturne Rain Metaphysics.
We are a spiritual organization specializing in the study and practice of eclectic witchcraft and metaphysical modalities.

Whether you are looking for affordable spiritual supplies, free spells or rituals to be performed on your behalf or are trying to find a safe place to study and build your spiritual practice, Nocturne Rain Metaphysics is your physical and online development center.




Mikeal Maguschak, Proprietor

The Nocturne Rain Coven is a physical and remote eclectic witchcraft coven dedicated to the practice and study of various witchcraft modalities.

Allister J. Cameron, Fraternity Administrator


The Nocturne Rain Fraternity is an online male group of witchcraft practitioners united to study and practice alpha male magicks, musclemancy, and appreciate the divine masculine. The Fraternity is separate from the Nocturne Rain coven.

Risha L. Marple, Paranormal Administrator

The Nocturne Rain Paranormal Program is a group of paranormal investigators who study and practice parapsychology, paranormal investigation, and occult research.

Mikeal Maguschak, Proprietor

The Nocturne Rain Witchcraft/Metaphysical Store is located at 1400 Main Street, Follansbee, WV 26037.

The store provides affordable supplies including but not limited to crystals, essential oils, candles, herbs, athames, chalices, wands, and divination tools.


Mikeal Maguschak, Reiki Administrator
Reiki Master/Teacher

The Nocturne Rain Reiki Program is a physical and remote group dedicated to the study and practice of Usui Ryoho Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Crystal Reiki.


Mikeal Maguschak, Proprietor

Mikeal Maguschak maintains his personal witchcraft practice alongside the other Nocturne Rain programs.

Mikeal can be retained for psychic work, training, reiki, divination, witchcraft, musclemancy, and other modailities.

Mikeal also offers mundane services including notary public and web design.

Our Founder, Mikeal G. Maguschak

Mikeal G. Maguschak (or Atlas Aether Raine per the Craft community) is an eclectic third-degree witchcraft practitioner with over twenty-three years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching witchcraft. Mikeal is an energetic healer, reiki master and channeler with a strong passion for helping others with the use of eclectic witchcraft and metaphysical modalities. It has always been Mikeal’s dream to open a witchcraft store and magick practice and in December of 2023, Mikeal finally accomplished his dream.

Mikeal built Nocturne Rain Metaphysics to not only serve as his personal magick practice and affordable metaphysical supply store, but to also serve as a safe haven for witchcraft and metaphysical practitioners to come together to study and practice in a safe, judgement free society physically and online.

Today, Mikeal embraces a busy lifestyle serving the local community as a manager in three local government municipalities and operating Nocturne Rain Metaphysics and it’s various programs and departments. While doing all of this, Mikeal still maintains an active witchcraft practice performing spells, rituals, divination, and healing services for his personal clients while also mentoring our teams and projects who handle the bulk of Nocturne Rain’s client magick requests.

Healing Practices
Mikeal is a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher accredited by the International Reiki Organization. Mikeal is also certified as a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and Usui Ryoho Animal Reiki practitioner.

Mikeal is a certified relaxation massage therapist and crystal healer. Mikeal likes to combine the use of massage therapy, musclemancy witchcraft and reiki to create a metaphysical massage therapy practice that specializes in relaxing the body and bringing energetic balance to the chakras within.